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Foundry Has Been Cancelled

Two years ago on this day I started working on Foundry, and I developed some nice things, including prototypes of both the language and the compiler. Today I’m cancelling the project.

The reason is simple and technical. The idea behind Foundry was to take the convenience Ruby offers, and transplant it to a statically typed language. My chosen implementation path involved global type inference in every interesting aspect of it. While powerful, this technique makes writing closely-coupled, modular code hard, separate compilation impossible, and error messages become even more cryptic than those of C++.

Simply put, this is not a language I myself would use. Also, I could not find a way to get rid of global type inference which didn’t involve turning the language into a not invented here version of C#, Rust or what else.

Lessons? Don’t design a language unless you have a very good reason to. By all means, do design a language if your idea is fancy enough. And don’t use global type inference, it sucks.

Now go and check out Rust. It gets better every day.