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Has someone just said “lowlevel”?

My First Factory-made PCBs

Today, my first batch of PCBs made on a real factory has arrived.

Gerber files Real PCBs

I’ll describe the purpose, functionality and process of making the boards after components will arrive; that will probably happen in roughly two weeks.

The sources are released under WTFPL: tft-lvds.tbz2.

The Eagle library for National DS90C363 chip and Hirose DF20G-40DP connector is released to the public domain.

27 Jan 2012 update: the boards have arrived and I’ve assembled them, but they have some nasty crosstalk bugs and are unfortunately unusable. DO NOT USE THIS DESIGN. I’ll try fixing them once I’ll get access to a >100MHz scope.

The footprints in library are verified and correct, through.